Saturday, August 1, 2015

Singles Roundup: Motorhead, Huntress & More

More and more new music has been finding its way onto the airwaves (Can I even call them that? Is there a term for lyric videos as a medium of transmission?), so I think it's time to once again dip my toe in and take a look at the choices that are being made to promote some upcoming records. Let's start the single parade:

Motorhead - Electricity

The second single from the upcoming record, and once again it's hard to say anything besides Motorhead sounds like Motorhead. It's a short, snappy number that sounds like most everything that the recent run of records has had to offer. The one troubling aspect is that all of Lemmy's vocals are double-tracked here. I know why they did it, but the sound isn't quite perfect on them, and it draws attention to the fact that Lemmy's voice can't cut it without some help anymore. Still, a solid track.

Huntress - Flesh

I've reviewed an album or two from Huntress, and I was always fairly 'meh' on them. They're a fine band, but nothing exciting. This song, however, is the best thing I've heard from them yet. There's good energy to the track, the sound is the right amount of raw, and Jill Janus provides a damn catchy chorus. I would still like a bit more of her natural tone to shine through, but this is a great teaser for what sounds like it could be a really good record.

Trivium - Silence In The Snow

Trivium has never been a favorite of mine. I can see their talent, but they write boring songs. This is another one of those. It doesn't really go anywhere, the vocals have an odd climb in the chorus, and the entire sound is dark and drab. I don't expect much from Trivium, and they continue to justify that.

Saxon - Battering Ram

Saxon has fallen into the modern problem; their record is produced by Andy Sneap, and you know they from the first second the song starts. It barely sounds like Saxon had any input into the record, and this song doesn't have much going for it either. The riffing is ok, but the solos are weak, and the chorus is varying repetitions of the chorus. There isn't a melody to it at all. It's lazy songwriting, and a weak track.

Ghost - Absolution

Yet another new Ghost track. So far, all three singles have been better than anything from the previous record, save "Body And Blood". I won't go into too much detail, because I have heard the entire record now, and will be reviewing it in the coming weeks. "Cirice" is still better, but this is a solid track that's well worth checking out.

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