About Us

Welcome to Bloody Good Music, the new site from the brain-trust that made Bloody Good Horror one of the leading names in quality, intelligent music criticism.  Here, you'll find the same blend of honest opinion and critical thinking that fueled that site, from the names that made it happen.

You won't find cloying fanaticism here, nor profane tirades against albums we don't feel are an artist's best work. As we have established in our years of coverage in our previous home, we take music seriously, and believe it deserves to be given its due respect, even when it doesn't suit our tastes.

We hope to bring you coverage of albums both big and small, popular and underground. Basically, anything that strikes our fancy is fair game.  In addition, we will be augmenting our reviews with commentaries and lists, as necessary. Hopefully, we will be able to establish Bloody Good Music as a haven for music nerds.

Our Staff:

Chris C - Editor In Chief

Chris C has been writing about music for as long as the internet has allowed, culminating in a multi-year stint at Bloody Good Horror.  He brings a love of music and melody, and an insane ability to write long-winded screeds at will.

D:M - Senior Music Fellow

D:M was the founder of Bloody Good Horror's music department, and has a resume consisting of hundreds of reviews and interviews.  Well respected by the bands he has covered and talked to, D:M is a true professional.