Monday, August 8, 2016

Meshiaak Premiere New Song, "At the Edge of the World"

Meshiaak, the brand new metal supergroup founded by Danny Camilleri (4ARM,) Dean Wells (Teramaze) and rounded out by Jon Dette (every thrash band ever) and bassist Nick Walker, are releasing another single from their upcoming debut album "Alliance of Thieves," due to hit shelves and downloads on August 19th, released via Mascot Label Group.

The band, operating from a home base in Australia, is on a singular mission to make metal that is both thoughtful and accessible, and to that end has teamed up with us humble servants at BGM to bring you their newest cut, "At the Edge of the World."  

Camilleri says of this particular track:
“It’s the kind of song that would speak to people on a lot of different levels, something that most people would be able to connect with fairly easily. It’s a song that is very close to me personally, especially when it came to the lyrics. It’s where I’ve found myself in the last three years and my moments of doubt, trials and frustrations concerning experiences I’ve had to go through over that time.”

If you're counting down the days, you can keep up with the building hype on the band's Facebook page.

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