Monday, November 28, 2016

Album Review: Eternal Idol - The Unrevealed Secret

It seems like every time I turn around, there's something brewing with Fabio Leone. The former Rhapsody singer has split his time between Rhapsody Of Fire and Angra, while doing multiple guest spots and even filling in for Kamelot for a while. The guy is practically everywhere in the power metal world, which surprises me, since I don't get what's so great about him. But, I can put that aside to give a listen to his newest project, a band that combines his voice with Hollow Haze singer Giorgia Colleluori to make something a touch different than we might be expecting.

What we get here is a mildly symphony brand of power metal with an emphasis on retaining strong melodies. It's easy for music with flair to forget about that aspect, but it's crucial to not get bogged down in all the fancy and ornate details that can be put on the music. The core of the song is still the most important thing, and thankfully Eternal Idol is a project that recognizes this. Fabio has provided a strong melodic base for these songs that instantly elevates them ahead of much of the competition.

The downside of the album is that the actual music isn't as memorable as I would like. Power metal is always difficult in this respect. The riffs lack the internal melodies that make them air-guitar favorites, and none of the orchestral parts come through with their own unforgettable hook. The backdrop is a bit bland, but can be overcome with a remarkable vocal performance. The melodies here are solid, but also not as sharp as I would like them to be. They are certainly enjoyable, but not the kind of hooks that are going to leave a lasting impression.

And then there are the vocals themselves. The project is ostensibly a showcase for Fabio and Giorgia, but it doesn't work for me. There's nothing at all wrong with their performances. They do a fine job of pushing the material, but their tones are not the most pleasing to my ear. Everyone has their own preferences, and mine simply run in a different direction.

Ultimately, "The Unrevealed Secret" is a perfectly fine album of mildly symphonic power metal. It certainly has enough going for it to give it a listen, and if you're a fan of Fabio, I'm sure you will like it far more than I did. I've never bee a fan of his voice, which makes it hard for this album to crack through. It didn't, but I can still hear that there's enough good writing here to say the album is successful in what it's trying to achieve.

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