Sunday, August 6, 2017

Singles Roundup: Nocturnal Rites, Black Country Communion, & More

The summer slump is upon us, with the schedule showing a lack of quality and/or interesting albums to talk about week after week. Things will pick up once the festival season is over, and fall is upon us. We are getting the first teasers of those fall albums already, so let's take a look at three recent singles that are harbingers of what is to come soon.

Nocturnal Rites - Before We Waste Away

It's been roughly a decade since Nocturnal Rites released an album, but judging by this first song released from their comeback, it's as if no time at all has passed. They hit all the right marks from their last two albums, which upped the melodic factor to pop levels. They are a bit more metallic here, but there is no doubt this song is all about the hook, which Johnny Lindqvist delivers with that voice we've been waiting ages to hear again. Despite the wait, this song gives me high hopes for their new album.

Black Country Communion - Collide

Another band that took time off, Black Country Communion is one that has never been a favorite of mine. Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa both have backgrounds far more rooted in the blues than I prefer, but this first single teases a heavier album that could be more straight-forward rock. If so, that would be a positive development for me. This track is one I like a fair amount. The riffs are heavy with some groove, and Glenn sounds great as he belts out the chorus. The time apart was well used if this is the result.

Nitro - It Won't Die

Continuing the trend of bands that are coming back together, Nitro returns to a world completely different than when they could become successful simply because Michael Angelo Batio could play right or left handed. Today, you actually need to be good, which Nitro most definitely is not. This song is a cruel joke on us, a pathetic attempt from two guys in their fifties to write music for frat bros, without even knowing the nu-metal style they're copying went out of style a decade ago or more. The riffs are awful, the mix is terrible, and the vocals/lyrics are so bad I can't believe this is a serious effort. In a year filled with bad music, this is as bad as it gets.

Caligula's Horse - Will's Song (Let The Colours Run)

Here we have a band whose first album I liked, but who ran into trouble with their second album, which delved too far into djent for my taste. With the first single from their third album, they've found a balance between the two. The riffing is still highly modern, glitchy, and filled with the djent rhythms that are so popular, but the melodies are more apparent than on the previous record. It's a much better blend of heavy yet catchy, rhythmic yet melodic. A solid opening statement.

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