Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Fuck This": A Message From VK Lynne

Listeners of music, no matter how devoted, don't always pay enough attention to the words being sung. We might know enough of them to sing along, but we are often happy as long as the song has a bouncy tempo or a catchy chorus. When we talk about art being disposable, it comes in two forms. One is the group of artists who produce content simply trying to make money, while the other is due to listeners who don't care to understand, or think about, the art they are consuming.

But you know who does care about words and messages? Songwriters. I don't mean anyone who writes a song, but the people who use music as a vehicle to express their deepest thoughts and feelings, the people for whom writing is a calling they can't ignore. Many of them also pour their words into other forms of art, which is what brings us here today.

VK Lynne, the powerful pink motor that fuels The Spider Accomplice, one of my favorite bands of recent years, is one of those artists who uses any form that will carry her voice. Today, she releases a new video poem, making an important statement.

The world is not fair. We know this. We see it every time we turn on a television or radio, when we see and hear untalented people being pushed to the heights of fame and power, while those who pour their hearts and talents into being the best they can be get run over, because they don't fit the mold of what we're looking for.

I can't understand what it's like to live under the pressure of superficiality the way that every woman does. Whether in politics or celebrity, we do judge books by their covers. Occasionally we're right, but seldom do we stop and think not just about how much we miss out because a first impression didn't bowl us over, but how little we think of ourselves that we allow looks to drive our own estimation of worth. I can admit that while I do my damnedest to let talent and accomplishment drive my judgments, I am aware of my biases towards certain aesthetics. Even that small step matters.

Society has a problem we seem unwilling to tackle. We suppose women are second-class, and treat it as a curiosity when they show ability and talent, as though it's nothing more than a way to entertain a pasty, overweight man while he waits for his next little blue pill to kick in. It makes the blood boil. Some of us are too polite to say it more bluntly. VK Lynne is not.

She simply says, "fuck this". 

To get the full experience of VK Lynne as an artist, head over to her Facebook page or her website.

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