Sunday, March 4, 2018

Singles Roundup: Judas Priest, Kamelot, Kobra & The Lotus, and Gus G

As the year keeps unfolding, the big name releases are beginning to solidify. A few of them are coming up in the near future, which gives us some new preview songs to talk about. Let's see what they're up to.

Judas Priest - Never The Heroes

I won't shy away from saying that I am not the least bit excited about a new Judas Priest album. Even without the Glen Tipton news, I've never been enough of a fan to get hyped about an album that follows three I felt were numbing. This track is the best of the pre-release songs, but that still isn't saying much. Priest has now adopted the Andy Sneap blueprint sound, which takes away a bit of their unique charm, and Halford is clearly an aging vocalist. Everything is pretty good here, though, so this definitely sounds like it will be better than most of what they have done since Rob returned.

Kamelot - RavenLight

Here's a controversial thought; I'm more excited this year for Tommy's other band, Seventh Wonder's new album. That said, Kamelot always demands attention. Our first look at their upcoming album is a short and to-the-point track that hits the right marks for a Kamelot track. Basically, they continue to make dark, dramatic, elegant metal that feels a bit different than everyone else. If you like Kamelot, this is everything you'd want it to be. I'm more agnostic on them, but there's plenty to like about it. A positive sign for the album.

Kobra & The Lotus - Losing My Humanity

I hate double albums. Whether released at the same time or not, the fact that two are supposed to be one piece of work means that I can't help but look for the filled. "Prevail I" has enough of it, and I'm sure this one will as well, that one killer album became two good ones. This track is not their strongest effort, and while it does embrace the anger of the message, it isn't as developed and memorable as the best songs off the previous album. I do wish they had made that one killer record, because I know they have it in them.

Gus G - Letting Go

Gus has reinvented his solo career again, this time working as a power trio. This first taste of his upcoming album is a bit confusing. The verses are dark and borrow heavily from his 'mentor' Ozzy (the bad years mostly), but the chorus is a darkly melodic bit that I enjoy quite a lot. Dennis Ward might not be the best fit for this group, if this song is an indication, but I already like this more than either Gus' last solo album, or the dull Firewind album these two made last year.

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