Monday, April 23, 2018

Dilana Reveals What's "Behind Closed Doors"

Music is a powerful force. Without us knowing how, it can tell us truths we did not otherwise know, and move us in ways we could not otherwise expect. It is rare to be overcome as such by a song or a singer, but it happens, and when it does there is no other word to describe the experience than 'magic'.

I have experienced that gut-punch but a few times, the deepest of which was when Dilana released her album, "Beautiful Monster". Maybe I was biased, or more attuned because of previous affections, but that album was a bomb of emotion that cracked and destroyed the facade that music is merely entertainment. At its best, it is a reflection of the best and the worst in us all.

That brings us to Dilana's new single, "Behind Closed Doors". The world is an ugly place. I don't think anyone can deny that, regardless of your political persuasion. There is pain and suffering everywhere you look, and we don't see enough being done about it. Among the heart-breaking things that are criminally too common is human trafficking. As humans, we may have thought we overcame our darkest days long ago, but the light has not been shined everywhere. Rats still lurk in the shadows.

Written for CKM! (Centrum Kinderhandel Mensenhandel), Dilana's new song is an effort to raise awareness about this blight.

Like her best material, "Behind Closed Doors" is beautiful, painful, but optimistic. A song about not giving up on the people who need us, Dilana again reaches into her soul to paint us a truth we try not to see. Her vocals are tender, yet searing, an embrace wrapped around the harsh reality to remind us things can get better. The guitar figure running through the background mirrors the steady and heightened pulse that carries terror through the blood of victims.

On its own, "Behind Closed Doors" is a wonderful song, and a reminder that we always need more of Dilana in our lives. But as a message, as a teachable moment for something we try not to think about, it becomes even more powerful. Art may not be able to solve the world's ills, but it can move us to want to make ours a better life. That's what "Behind Closed Doors" does. It is a beautiful reminder of what is possible, when we refuse to accept that our darkness is inevitable.

"Behind Closed Doors" will be available everywhere Tuesday, April 24th.

For more on "Behind Closed Doors", and CKM!, visit the following links:

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