Friday, May 20, 2016

News: Jasmine Cain's "White Noise" Picked Up By EOne

If you were paying attention in August of last year, I reviewed the album "White Noise" by Jasmine Cain (Read it here). In that review, I said ""White Noise" is a really good album that bridges hard rock and pop, but it's even better when you factor in how well it fills the hole for exactly that kind of music that Halestorm left this year. There are similarities between Jasmine and Lzzy's voices, and "White Noise" feels like a record that could easily sit next to former Album Of The Year "The Strange Case Of..." in a discography."

As is befitting a quality artist, Jasmine's album has been picked up by EOne/Sony, and is being re-released today on all digital platforms. If you enjoy quality pop/rock, you should definitely check out the record, and help support an artist who deserves it.

We here at Bloody Good Music extend our congratulations to this deserved good news.

Here is the official video for "Nightingale", off the album "White Noise"

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