Monday, December 18, 2017

"Swallow" The Nectar Of The Spider Accomplice

In both 2015 and 2016, The Spider Accomplice released the best EP of the year, and at least on these pages, established themselves as the hottest under-the-radar band coming up on the scene. This year saw the release of the single "User", but could that possibly have been all the band had in store for us this year?

Of course not.

The Spider Accomplice has deigned to give us a Christmas gift of the best kind; a ripping new single. This song, "Swallow", continues the band's growth, balances out the darkness "User" gave us, and once again hits the mark dead in the center of the bulls-eye.

First played and released as an episode of their "Spider Sessions" video series, "Swallow" immediately stood out even among their other strong material. It features everything that's great about The Spider Accomplice, with guitar playing that is just left-of-center, powerful vocals from VK Lynne, and an energy that becomes infectious as the song spins its web around you. Before you know it, you're wrapped up and can't get away, not that you would want to.

The Spider Accomplice is ever evolving, and exploring what their mix of modern/alternative/pop rock can be. They have tried on the hats of many styles, but stay themselves throughout, because they are personalities, and are not wedded to a uniform. With "Swallow", the band is finding new footing, and carving out a unique space for themselves.

Arno's guitars rise and fall, building a song that doesn't stand still for a minute. His initial riff is quirky (and has a bit of "Crazy Train" in it), and something that demands your attention. There are hints of punk in it, and the propulsive chords in the chorus, but the song has beauty and shimmering guitars that turn the song into a kaleidoscope of sounds. And when VK belts out the hook, backed by what sounds like a choir of angels, it becomes an anthem. This is the biggest and brightest The Spider Accomplice has ever sounded, and damn if it isn't impressive.

"And once it's in the blood, distorted days are all we see," VK sings in the chorus. Perhaps, but I can see clearly, and what I'm gazing on is another gem.

"Swallow" is easily one of the best songs of 2017. It will be released on Christmas Day. Find it then, and everything The Spider Accomplice, on Bandcamp, or their Facebook page.

Until then, enjoy this live, acoustic version of the song:

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